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Digitech joins Rotary

Digitech joins Rotary – and right out of the gate bikes for a worthy cause

Digitech President Pierre Adjoury is happy to announce that he’s joined Rotary Club! In case you’ve heard of Rotary Club but aren’t quite sure what Rotary is or does, it’s simple – and simply inspiring. Rotary International is a network of business and professional leaders who believe in business mentoring and networking and, especially,  in community service.

Each year, Rotarians around the world raise millions of dollars for such worthy causes as health care, ending hunger and poverty, literacy, disaster relief, environmental issues and more. Here Pierre describes the first fund-raiser he will be taking part in as a newbie Rotarian:

On Sunday, July 9th I’ll be joining Rotary’s Bike-A-Thon 2017 to raise money in support of British Columbia’s deaf and hard of hearing. With more than 150 other riders, I’ll be biking 120 km, from Brentwood Town Centre to Harrison Hot Springs Hotel.

Our goal with Rotary’s 33rd annual Bike-A-Thon is to raise $200,000:


  • for cochlear implant research at the University of British Columbia
  • to establish the Rotary Hearing Centreat UBC and the BC Rotary Hearing and Balance Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital, and
  • to support many other programs in BC for the deaf and hard of h

By the end of the ride I’m pretty sure my legs will be sore and my lungs will be burning. I’m betting it will feel good to ease into one of Harrison’s famous hot mineral pools.

But there’s something else that would make me feel even better! I’m hoping to get enough pledges to reach my personal goal of raising $3,000 for my ride on behalf of BC’s deaf and hard of hearing.

I’d be honoured and grateful to have you sponsor me – and help me meet or even surpass my goal. If you’re interested, you can make a pledge here, via my page on the Bike-A-Thon 2017 site.

Thanks for your support – and for caring!

Interested in joining a Rotary Club in your area? Here’s how!



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