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A handy window of opportunity for printer maintenance

Summer’s over – and for a lot of business owners, that means year-end is hovering just a few months around the corner, along with the scent of holly.

Your laser printer may be running just fine. But with that ever-closer year-end in mind, it might be an idea to budget having the printer checked over, just in case. As we’ve noted in earlier newsletters, at a certain age all machines start to exhibit problems. Laser printers need occasional repairs and preventive maintenance for both their mechanical and electrical components.

And start-of-fall, when you’re still ramping your business up to full-performance mode, gives a nice window to have your printer looked at.

For our repeat customers, we check printers regularly, perform routine maintenance and try to indicate when a printer is potentially nearing the end of its useful life. That way it’s possible to plan ahead and avoid unwanted business disruptions.

We offer printer maintenance and repair services to businesses throughout the Lower Mainland. Our friendly and trained technicians can diagnose almost any problem. And we always take time to explain, in layperson’s terms, what needs to be done. We also do our best to keep your business running while we fix your printer, including, if need be, providing you with loaner printers.

Feel welcome to call on us to check out your printers and fix them if necessary. That way you’ll start the busy fall season with trouble-free office printing.

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