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In sport as in business, preparation is key – and always demanding

In July, Digitech President Pierre Adjoury participated in the gruelling Whistler Ironman Triathlon. In this article, Pierre looks back on the intense physical and mental challenges of preparing for this rigorous event – and how it wasn’t all that different from preparing to run a business.

Most of getting ready for the Whistler Ironman Triathlon was like venturing two steps forward, only to fall one step back. Every day I pushed myself with more training – and every day I found something else I had to work on, whether muscle flexibility or pace or intensity. My goal stayed the same: completing the Triathlon. But I kept having to adjust my journey.

Of the 42 annual Ironman events worldwide, Whistler is ranked as one of the top 10  most difficult. I was going to be one of 1,400 competitors in this year’s triathlon; one of 78 in my age group.

Over the year-and-a-half I spent training for Ironman, it gradually occurred to me that my preparations were similar to those for operating a business. I went into the endeavour confident. I’d been in competition before; I knew what getting ready for it involved. And yet… I had some surprises along the way. It wasn’t as straightforward as I thought.

It took me two years to reach the point where I could compete again. It took commitment. It took facing down obstacles that might otherwise have been discouraging – just as I’d faced down obstacles when getting ready to run Digitech. In training for athletics and for business ownership, it’s always going to be easier to give up, to settle for something less challenging. But easy isn’t your goal.

Preparing for Ironman also took openness to recommendations and ideas. I didn’t go it on my own. I had the advice and guidance of swim, bike and running coaches – just as, in prepping to run Digitech, I drew on the advice and guidance of mentors.

For Ironman, I drew on other, even more important support: you! The encouragement of so many Digitech clients,family and friends gave me extra motivation to succeed.

Many of you have asked how I ended up doing at the 2017 Whistler Ironman. I’m proud to tell you that I came in 23rd, at 13 hours, 18 minutes, 30 seconds. I earned a Bronze-level place, with a worldwide Ironman ranking of 272 out of approximately 4,300 to date.

At Whistler, seven registrants were no-shows due to injury or other reasons; eight couldn’t finish the race. Again, it’s like in business. Sometimes, due to circumstances, you get setbacks. It’s just the way things go.

In sport and in business, meeting one challenge strengthens you for a new one. I’ve already started training for Whistler Ironman 2018. I’ll be sharing that journey with you, too – the steps back as well as the steps forward.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out my photos from this year’s competition!

And again, thanks so much for your interest and support. With this, as with Digitech, I couldn’t do it without you.




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