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Preserving the environment? Sweet. And it’s with paper made of… sugar cane! Leave a comment

You may recall us a while back describing an innovative paper product made of sugar cane instead of trees. Now, thanks to an exclusive arrangement with Social Print Paper, we’re able to offer you the new, environment-saving Sugar SheetTM.

Available coated or uncoated, and in a variety of weights, sizes and colours, this planet-friendly new product is made from bagasse, the residue waste fibre remaining after the sugar manufacturing process. Best of all, bagasse is a renewable resource that can be harvested two to three times per year.

You can use Sugar Sheet all your quality printing jobs: copy paper, coated papers and envelopes, you name it. It’s as easy and versatile to use as traditional tree paper.

Normally, Social Print only supplies to wholesale paper distributors. However, aware of Digitech’s reputation for environmental best practices – and sharing our commitment to minimize dependency on global forests as much as possible – this forward-thinking company agreed to supply us with paper for our clients.

Here are more sweet facts about this new product we’re offering. Producing Sugar Sheet uses less water than regular paper-making.  And:

  • – every two boxes save approximately 29.2 kg of carbon
  • – every two boxes save one tree, the size of a tree being defined as 30 feet high and six-to-eight inches in diameter
  • – every two boxes save 130 kg of wood.

Who’s already using Sugar Sheet? Many leading companies across Canada, various divisions of Canadian government, and thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses, not to mention major environmental organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation.

And, hey. By printing the sweet way instead of the tree way, you’re making a statement that your company or organization cares about the environment – and is committed to sustainable business practices.

But don’t just take our word for the benefits of using Sugar Sheet. We’ll be happy to give you a package or two of Sugar Sheet papers to try for yourself! Just give us a call at 604-322-5433.






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