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Like all equipment, laser printers and copiers get old. Parts wear out and machines no longer operate reliably to give you good, crisp printed pages and copies. That may mean one of two things. For your 2018 plans, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new or refurbished laser printer. Or, it may just mean that repairs are in order.

To replace or repair? Ask us. At Digitech we’ll advise you which way to go. We have a number of makes and models in-house and can provide you with options to replace your printer. We’ll make sure that any printer you do buy will be able to handle any excess toner you still have on hand. But we’ll also counsel you as to whether, for now, you should just repair the printer/copier you have.

Having served a wide variety of businesses, we know which makes and models work best in different work environments. Helping you find the right printers for your office printing needs is just one of the special services we provide our customers.

We’ll be glad to help you make an educated decision on whether to replace – in which case, we’ll advise you which printer to buy to best suit your needs– or else repair. In fact, we’ll answer any of your business printing questions. Whatever your needs or concerns, contact us today!

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