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Environmental Responsibility

Buying remanufactured toner from Digitech means your company has made a choice to support the local economy and reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

Choose a Local Supplier

Digitech is located in beautiful Burnaby British Columbia. This is where all of our remanufactured toner products are made. We deliver our toner products to businesses throughout the Lower Mainland. So, choosing to buy your toner from Digitech means your money is going directly into our local economy and not into supporting lower-quality products shipped from other countries.

Choose to Protect the Environment

You get what you pay for with toner…and unfortunately, so does the environment. Many business owners do not understand or appreciate the impact that a simple purchasing decision can have. As such, we educate our clients and help them understand the difference remanufactured toner can make for the environment. Here are some quick facts for your consideration:

  • It takes as much as 3L of crude oil just to make the casing for a single toner cartridge. So, remanufacturing saves our precious oil.
  • Cartridges made oversees are one time use. They are low quality and cannot be remanufactured. So, they are often discarded filling our landfills with electronic waste.
  • Buying a lower quality product also means your business creates carbon emissions resulting from the overseas shipping.
  • Buying one-time use cartridges means more of your dollars are going to support foreign economies.

Contact us and we’ll help make your company more environmentally and friendly.